DUI Defense from Experienced Attorneys in Medina County, OH

DUI DefenseWhen you have been arrested for DUI/OVI in Medina County, you should contact an experienced Ohio DUI defense attorney.

Defending You

A great deal of experience and knowledge goes in to defending you from DUI charges. You need a competent attorney who knows DUI law and has represented clients in DUI cases.

A defense attorney may:

  • Fight your license suspension
  • Ensure that your rights were and are upheld
  • Carry out a thorough investigation of the circumstances surrounding your arrest
  • Examine the charges and evidence against you

Law enforcement makes mistakes and equipment fails. A competent attorney will work to find issues with the evidence against you as well as with your arrest, and he will know how to use those in your defense.

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We will ensure that you understand that process and help you avoid errors that could jeopardize your defense.

Experience on Your Side

The time after a DUI arrest is difficult. Finding an experienced DUI attorney may help achieve your goals in the case.

Since 1999, we have represented clients against DUI charges. We know DUI law, and work hard to provide a thoughtful, thorough defense tailored to fit the facts in your particular case. Depending on the circumstances, an experienced attorney may be able to help you get the charges against you reduced or even dropped.

If you’re facing a DUI charge in Medina County, Ohio, contact attorneys Ondrey & Roberts today!