Experienced Medina County, OH DUI Attorneys

gavel with law booksPenalties for a DUI conviction can turn your life upside-down. If you’ve been arrested for a DUI in Medina County, you need an experienced Ohio DUI attorney at your side to fight on your behalf.

Knowledge and Experience Matter

An experienced DUI lawyer will use the law in your favor. He or she will also anticipate how the state will try to use evidence against you.

When it comes to an attorney who will fight DUI charges on your behalf, experience matters. An experienced DUI attorney should:

  • Know DUI Law
  • Know Your Rights
  • Know How to Provide a Strong Defense

An experienced DUI lawyer should know how to build the strongest defense possible. He should thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding your arrest as well as the charges against you to find points to strengthen your case.

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Experience on Your Side

We have been defending clients from DUI penalties since 1999. As experienced criminal defense attorneys, we defend our clients’ rights and fight against the charges on their behalf. We are committed to standing by your side and personally defending you through your tough situation.

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