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Ohio drug laws are complicated, and many of the best defense strategies only work in the early stages of a criminal case. If you’re facing drug possession or trafficking charges, you need a criminal defense lawyer right away.

We are experienced criminal drug defense lawyers in Wooster, OH. Practicing since 1999, we have been helping clients navigate the complex Ohio drug codes and building defenses to get their charges dismissed or reduced. We’ll put our experience to work for you.

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Ohio drug legislation is complicated in part because of the way drugs are classified. There are five schedules of drugs and different ranges of bulk amounts, a combination of which is used to determine the class of drug possession charges — the level of misdemeanor or felony.

The same drug schedules are used to determine the severity of a drug trafficking charge. By definition, drug trafficking may be:

  • The sale or offer to sell a controlled substance, or
  • The shipment or preparation to ship a controlled substance

All trafficking charges are felonies. All drug possession and trafficking charges may carry a driver’s license suspension.

Criminal Defense Drug Lawyer

A lawyer can best help you if consulted immediately after your arrest. Motions to discover the evidence the prosecution has against you or to suppress evidence that may be admitted in court come with time limits.

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