Drug Possession Charges Lawyers in Medina County

Drug Attorney

Ohio drug laws are some of the most complex in the country. The penalties including fines and incarceration are based on the amount or kind of drug. The ranges of “bulk amounts” of substances determine the penalties for drug possession, manufacture or distribution charges.

The complicated nature of Ohio drug laws make it imperative that you seek the counsel of an experienced criminal defense lawyer following drug possession charges.

What You Can Expect

Following drug possession charges, there may be a driver’s license suspension. The length of the suspension may vary and the Judge can consider the kind of drug you were found in possession of and prior offenses.

Beyond the possible driver’s license suspension, very little is “standard” among drug crime cases.

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Criminal Drug Defense Lawyer

Seeking a lawyer’s help immediately after your arrest or drug possession charges is crucial to building your defense and keeping alternatives to prison time available. For some cases, conviction of drug possession and other charges may be avoided by:

  • Entering into a first time offenders program
  • Entering a diversion program (similar to probation, but charges are dismissed after supervisory period if all conditions have been met)
  • Seeking treatment in lieu of conviction

However, the possibility of exercising these options may diminish the longer you wait to get an experienced criminal drug defense lawyer working on your case.

Drug Possession Charges

We are experienced criminal defense lawyers who have fought for Medina County, OH clients facing drug possession charges. We are familiar with the Medina County’s courts’ policies and programs, so we can help you explore all drug defenses and seek alternative options to a drug conviction.