Medina County Domestic Violence Attorneys

Domestic Violence AttorneyDomestic violence laws are established to protect the sanctity of the home from threats or violence from others living within the same household. But not all domestic violence charges are warranted or fair. Yet the consequences are serious, so you need the help of an attorney to protect your rights and fight for justice.

Ohio Domestic Violence Laws

Ohio domestic violence laws outline different categories or classes of domestic violence offenses—real or attempted physical harm vs. threats of physical harm. That’s pretty common across the country.

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What’s less common is the discretion granted to Ohio police officers responding to a domestic violence call. In some situations, both parties involved in domestic violence have physically assaulted the other. But police are discouraged from arresting both parties every time. Instead, they are allowed to identify a “primary physical aggressor.”

Assessing who is the primary physical aggressor is not an arbitrary decision, but there is a lot about a domestic violence situation left up to interpretation. To fight charges that may arise from this situation, you may need an attorney’s help.

Consequences of Domestic Violence Convictions

The penalties for domestic violence are serious.

Attempted or actual act of physical violence Threaten to use physical violence

1st conviction

1st degree misdemeanor
Up to 6 months in jail and/or
Up to $1,000 fine
4th degree misdemeanor
Up to 30 days in jail and/or
Up to $250 fine

2nd conviction

4th degree felony
6-18 months in prison and/or
2nd degree misdemeanor
Up to 90 days in jail and/or
$750 fine

3rd conviction

3rd degree felony
9-36 months in prison and/or
$10,0000 fine
1st degree misdemeanor
Up to 6 months in jail and/or
Up to $1,000 fine

Moreover, convictions for physical domestic violence cannot be sealed or expunged from your record, so they follow you. It may be possible to avoid a domestic violence conviction or get the charges reduced, so you should immediately contact an attorney.

Domestic Violence Defense Attorneys

We have helped people fight domestic violence charges since 1999. We are familiar with the programs available in Medina County, OH that may allow alternatives to a conviction or help get charges reduced.